Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

I didn’t know there were washable roller blinds

In fact, almost all commercial roller shades are not washable in water and certainly not in washing machine. They are usually washable or cleanable with a sponge because they are made of non-woven TNT or PVC type. Our roller blinds are washable in the washing machine. They have been used and tested by thousands of customers in Italy for several years.


I don’t believe it! Can I really wash my roller blinds in my washing machine?

Seeing is believing! It's easy. It's easier than to wash a classic tent or a packed tent. Look at the instructions in the
WASHING section and you'll be stunned.

tenda a rullo - lavaggio 6


How do I get a quote?

Simple, in just a few clicks you will get your quote, including shipping and VAT. From the Homepage you can click
ROLLER Blinds and choose your color. Click on what you want, enter the required data and you will get the quote immediately.

in pochi click otterrai il tuo preventivo, comprensivo di spedizione ed iva. Dalla Homepage puoi cliccare su WASHABLE ROLLER BLINDS and choose your color. Click on what you want, enter the required data and you will get the quote immediately.

Here are the main data required:

  • Quantity: Enter the number of roller shades you want to buy with the same specifications.

  • Roller location: ceiling, wall, door leaf.

  • Command or Chain: whether left or right.

  • Fabric Front or Back: For roller shades with ceiling and wall mount we recommend the fabric in front. For roller blinds on the windows frame we recommend the fabric behind it so that it adheres better to the glass and does not interfere with the operation of the handle.

  • Fabric Width: Insert the width of the fabric. As described above, the width of the fabric is about 5 cm less than the width of the roller blind complete with mechanisms and side attacks. Pay attention to detail when taking measurements.
  • Fabric Height: Enter the total height of your roller shades.   

How do I get the right measurements?

Our roller blinds can be fixed to the ceiling, ceiling and door frames. To take measures just follow the MEASURING instructions and it will be easy.


I can’t insert 1/2 centimeters

Only the units in centimeters can be inserted in the dimension tables. No partial measures are accepted. 120 OK, 120.5 NO. 


Is there a difference between the fabric size and the total size of the roller blinds?

When shopping, when you enter values for width and height, remember that these are the fabric values. That is, the width of the fabric you put is about 5 cm lower than the total width of the curtain mounted on the roller. In other words, the roller blind is approximately 5 cm wide in the fabric. As you can see from the figure below.

What are the maximum dimensions of roller shades?

Dimensions to be inserted are:
Minimum width 30 cm max 260 cm
Minimum height 30 cm max 300 cm
Roller shades are not produced out of these standards.


How do I choose between front fabric and behind fabric?

Generally we recommend the front fabric option Fig. B for ceiling or wall mounted roller shades.
The back fabric option Fig. A is optimal for roller blinds attached to the windows frame, where the fabric stays closer to the glass and does not hinder the handle. In this case, when you take the measurements, be careful of the handle.
As far as the chain arrangement is concerned, it is always seen looking at the curtain from inside the room.


What type of fabric is used in this the roller blinds?

The fabric material is a special trevira with high strength, soft and specially treated to be washed in the washing machine as often as you like.


Price seems a bit expensive compared to other roller blinds sold in malls or over the internet.

The quality of both the fabric and the mechanism of our roller blinds have nothing to do with those that are sold in shopping malls, DIY or some websites. Our roller shades are the result of a study that has been going on for decades and the materials are highly professional. The durability and the quality in time of the product is much higher than any pvc or tnt made roller blinds found elsewhere.


What are the delivery times and costs?

Our roller shades are tailor-made at customer's request. Generally, production takes about 10/15 working days. Once produced and tested roller shades are diligently packed, well protected by boxes widely sized with highly recyclable materials and shipped via the best international carriers within 3/4 days. Shipping costs include handling and packaging costs
as well as shipping charges.


Production time is a bit long.

All of our roller shades are tailor-made at customer's request, given the high demand the production time has increased. In addition, to care for the quality of the products all the curtains prepare and test them so that there are no defects and are completely satisfactory for our customers.


Is it easy to mount this kind of product?

Yes, it is. It requires a bit of manual skills and patience. Typically, a roller shade rolls from 5 to 15 minutes. Check out our fitting guideline and you'll find that you can do it without too much effort.


Are mounting screws provided?

Yes, the standard screws and dowels for mounting are provided for the various models; to door, ceiling and wall. Standard screws and plugs cover almost all types of fastening.


Which are the accepted payment methods?

All of our payments are made through the secure and secure Paypal system. You can make payments securely with all your credit cards even if you do not have a PayPal account. Our company will not see, it will record any details of your transaction, Everything is encrypted, secure and protected by PayPal, an online payment security.


May I request an invoice?

Yes, if you are subject to VAT you can apply for the invoice at the time of entering the data, enter company data and VAT.


If the parcel gets damaged what should be done?

Warning: Please check that the packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet nor altered, even in the closing material (adhesive tape or metal closures), when picking up from the courier. If it is in any way damaged, dispute the fact to the courier by affixing the sentence "withdrawal with reservation" on the accompanying document. This must also be immediately reported by phone or email by sending the photo of the damaged package.


Can I ship the parcel to a different address than mine?

Of course, when entering data entry and address click on the "Please use another address for the invoice"