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The first question of each customer is always: Can the roller blinds be washed? Did you ask this question to your dealer? The answers are always quite vague ... of course you can clean the blinds with a sponge, but you can not wash them in the water or in the washing machine. Or at least not yet.
Our modern roller blinds can be washed in water or in the washing machine thanks to the use of a sunscreen fabric with a coating. A real revolution in the world of traditional roller blinds. Thousands of customers in Italy have bought our fully washable roller blinds over the past 20 years and tested them with excellent results. That's why today we want to give all customers the opportunity to change the way they use roller blinds with a revolutionary product.

• Tailor-made interior blinds, sturdy and soft fabric in Trevira (with special coating) washable at 30 degrees in the washing machine. With possibility of wall, ceiling or window attachment.

• An incredible revolution in the world of roller blinds. These are the only roller blinds that can be washed completely by hand or at 30 ° in the washing machine. Never again dirty, stained roller blinds that cause allergies to dust or mold and are unhealthy.

• Made to order, they are mounted on a special white painted aluminum tube that can be moved via a professional chain mechanism. This handy system makes it easy to remove the roller blind so that it can be washed by hand or in the washing machine and then re-applied wet without ironing. Great help and time savings! Thanks to this innovation, your roller blinds last a long time and are always clean, beautiful and hygienic.

• Our filters / sunscreens let the light through, but stop the direct sunlight, which disturbs you when watching TV and working on the PC and damage the device. Your roller blind also functions as a privacy screen to give you a complete sense of privacy: great for all spaces: kitchen, living room, bathroom, studios and offices.

• More answers to your questions can be found in our FAQ section / Frequently Asked Questions.